You can’t make this stuff up. One young convert to Islam, who happens to be a police officer’s daughter, and her newlywed Muslim hubby, who coincidentally is the son of a local Imam, planned themselves a romantic, action-packed honeymoon get-a-way.

That’s right, Jaelyn Delshaun Young and her husband, Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, decided that Istanbul, Turkey would be a wonderful place to begin their journey as a married couple. They planned to follow this post-nuptial celebratory trip with a bus ride into Syria where they would partake in the extended training offered by ISIS/ISIL so as to become jihadists in the war on, well, everyone in the world that is not a Muslim.

Showcasing their “brilliance” as up and coming jihadi operatives, they managed to communicate their blood thirsty terrorist dreams and desires with the FBI, via social media. Brainiacs, these two obviously are not.

They asked questions about what they could offer the Jihad in terms of their skills and abilities; she being a chemistry student and he a recent psychology graduate, both of Mississippi State University. Of concern, was a potential language barrier during training, with Dakhalla being afraid that, “I won’t know what all I will be doing.” Dakhlalla relayed the couple’s frustrations about the slow-going ways of getting a passport out of America, and effectively celebrating the July 16th, murder of the marines and sailor at Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The son of the Imam aside since that seems so obvious, it is utterly baffling that Young, an American woman, was in such a hurry to don a hijab, burqa, chadri, body bag, whatever it’s called, and enslave herself to a man as chattel, but whatever, she is obviously less-than-stellar in the intelligence department.

The couple booked plane tickets from the Golden Triangle Regional Airport, Columbus, Mississippi, where they were arrested. They have been denied bail and face up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.00. That’s it? What happened to treason and the consequences of that? Sounds like a slap on the hand.

They remain innocent, of course, until proven otherwise, but it sure sounds like a steep climb out of the hole they dug themselves, so good luck with that love birds!

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