Community enforcement of Sharia law within the Muslim enclaves that have formed inside Western nations has been going on for quite a while. The practice has gone largely unnoticed by host countries whose news media has been turning a blind eye to the un-Western values that are being enforced. 

One example of this thuggish assertion of Islamist values occurred in London when an American college student wandered into the wrong neighborhood. Francesco Hounye was attacked in Shadwell, a Muslim-dominated London area, by five self-described members of a “Muslim Patrol.” 

Hounye’s eye socket was fractured, and he required 23 stitches, many to his face, as a result of the attack. He remains permanently scarred. His attackers, Samad Uddin, Shaleem Uddin, Shadhat Hussain, Kamrul Hussain and Masoom Rahman, were known to have made multiple attempts to brutally enforce Sharia law against anyone they found to be drinking, and against women whose clothing did not meet with their approval, and against homosexuals.  

The incident was by no means an isolated one. A YouTube video uploaded earlier this year, and recorded in the English town of White Chapel, shows another “Muslim Patrol” making threats to passersby for engaging in the evil of drinking alcohol. And on January 6 of this year, yet another gang of these Sharia vigilantes was accused of approaching a group of men in East London (which has a New Orleans-like tradition of public drinking) and taking cans of beer out of their hands.  

In the East London incident, one of the men’s words can be heard clearly. “Why are you poisoning your body?” he asks (possibly channeling Michelle Obama and her dietary advice). “It is against Islam. This is Muslim Patrol. Kill the non-believers.” 

In America, those Muslim immigrants who may be willing to absorb American values are looking to their host country’s government to determine if it has the will to enforce those values, and to enforce American laws. If our government doesn’t, why would they sign on to participate in American society?  

The attack on Mr. Houyne, by the way, occurred in June 2013. It came into the news this week because his attackers were just now sentenced to “up to” six years in prison each for their brutal crime.

We need more of that, but with much longer sentences, and with a revocation of citizenship for naturalized American citizens who commit such crimes.  

Any bets on that happening in today’s America?





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