Dachshunds are spirited little dogs that found popularity in being tenacious hunters and lively lap dogs. However, one Florida family found out exactly how courageous these small pets can be. The Long family of Eustis, Florida had a recent run-in with a 200 lb. black bear.

Krystal Long arrived home from a shopping trip and began unpacking her car of her groceries, a routine most of us do weekly without a passing thought. This day will be memorable for years to come, as the long family had a very unwelcome visitor. A large black bear lumbered into the Long family's garage and confronted Krystal, who attempted to ward off the animal by throwing items and screaming to no avail.

The commotion did draw Krystal's 6 year old son out, with his faithful protector Daisy, the family's 15 pound Dachshund. Daisy immediately attacked the bear, nearly 15 times her size. Daisy did not hesitate to attempt to protect her family, and was seriously injured in the process. The bear was eventually deterred by Krystal, who threw a large gas can at it, while Daisy escaped under a vehicle.

Daisy suffered numerous broken ribs and lacerations that required surgery. The family has a Gofundme account to assist in paying for the extensive veterinary bills. Daisy is expected to recover from her injuries, but local municipalities are warning pet owners and other individuals to be aware of the rising number of black bear attacks in Florida. Habitat loss, increasing populations and hunger may be driving bears into more urban areas and put people and animals at risk. If you are confronted by a bear, do not run, do not make eye contact and don't play dead. Be noisy and back away slowly, attempt to get indoors. Report urban bear sightings to your local Department of Natural Resources.

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