Donald Trump may be a lot of things; formerly identified as a Democrat and figured the economy did better under Dems, gave money to liberals to grease the skids, so to speak, took advantage of bankruptcy laws, and the list could go on.  He has been accused of sexism, egotism, and not playing patty-cake tea-party nice. Really, who cares about that last one, because the freedom of the free world is at stake and whether Donald Trump wins the nod, and presidential election or not, we need someone who doesn't play "nice."

We need someone who shoots from the hip with precision,  calls a rat a rat, and lifts the American people up, as opposed to telling us how much we suck all the time (like our dearly beloved self crowned king, President Obama).

The one thing Donald has going for him is a strong mind, a strong opinion, a loud voice, and an unwillingness to take crappy attitudes from anyone, and he is like-minded with conservatives as far as many are concerned judging by his polling numbers. He appeals to many fed up Americans who are tired of the political correctness we are all being spoon fed, nudged toward, and proverbially spanked for when we don't comply, accept, or tolerate whatever it is the PC DC wants at the moment.

Well, enough is enough as far as a 92 year-old first time voter from Tennessee is concerned, because, he's her man. Beada Corum, who has never before registered to vote has done just that because Trump speaks his mind and she believes he is strong mentally.

Like many, she believes America, while still awesome (and it is), is headed in the wrong direction, and she thinks "The Donald" has the wherewithal to right this derailing train barreling off its tracks.  She might be right.

Congratulations Beada. You are now a registered voter with a voice. Welcome to the conservative light.

h/t BizPacReview

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