911 operators have a tough job. Imagine fielding calls from various people in distress, having to listen to their situations calmly--and help calm them down--and then process the information quickly and accurately. And that's not including dealing with the occasional prank dialer.

What makes Marilyn Hinson so special as a 911 operator is a recent story where she demonstrated her commitment to the spirit of her job--helping others.

Hinson answered a call from Clarence Blackmon, and 81-year-old who had just been released from the hospital after an extended visit over several months and had been returned to his home. Blackmon's call wasn't in regards to his medical condition, however. He didn't have any food in his home and was going hungry.

Mr. Blackmon pleaded for help from Ms. Hinson, the 911 operator, and asked her to do "whatever you can."

Ninety minutes later Hinson showed up at the door, along with police, all carrying bags of groceries. She and the officers proceeded to make Mr. Blackmon some ham sandwiches and to make sure everything was okay.

That is an example of helping someone in need.

While the cynical view on this and other stories like it is to say that 911 operators obviously can't answer every call for help in this manner, the generous view--indeed the view that Ms. Hinson the operator shared--is that if you can do a little bit to help, you should. Way to go!

h/t: Live Leak

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