Let’s see…pepperoni with extra cheese and sauce on the thick crust. Throw in an order of buffalo wings and breadsticks. What’s that, you can’t hear me?

That’s just the phone ringing. Never mind…nothing important, just some annoying person who keeps calling and calling.

Oh, but it very much was important. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Clearsight Optician, Jared Goodman, had an emergency on his hands. His patient slipped into a seizure.

Mr. Goodman jumped into action and dialed 911. He waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, only to be ceaseless met with ringing on the other end.

Emergency services operator Francis Francois was too busy ORDERING A PIZZA to do her job.  For EIGHT MINUTES!

Fortunately, the gentleman who endured the seizure survived. Goodman, resourceful as he was, managed to rodeo assistance from his co-workers.

Mr. Goodman is a hero. Ms. Francois is a pizza eating pig.

Who does that? Somebody who should be fired and never work in that capacity again. Someone who should be working the bun line in a fast food restaurant for all of eternity. Oh forget that. She would leave your bun to burn while she ordered a pizza.

Plus it is insulting to bun line workers worldwide. Let’s face it. The woman is incapable of the most meaningless of tasks. How she was ever qualified to be a 911 dispatcher is a complete mystery.

Was she kicked to the curb? Nope. Good ol’ Broward County Sheriff’s Department just gave her a little talking to—Don’t do that again, little Francis!

No, no! She deserves a mulligan. After all, she fessed up and admitted her wrong doing.  Well hallelujah! That is the standard by which we should hold all of our emergency personnel, right? Let someone almost die, or God forbid, die, but admit fault for negligence and just get a do-over.

That might fly in the bun line, but it sure as heck should not fly when your position is one that holds life in the balance.

Hope you enjoyed your pizza Francis. The rest of you down that way? We sure as heck hope you don’t endure the great misfortune that is Francis Francois on the other end of a 911 call.

Source: Mad World News



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