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Perhaps the greatest equalizer for a 91-year-old man about to be mugged is a “38-Special” tucked away in his waistband, and the ability to squeeze off a bull's-eye, and that’s apparently what took place in Michigan recently to this senior citizen when he stepped out of his auto and began walking towards the Rite Aid store in Eastpointe and was suddenly confronted by a strange-looking man behaving erratically, who suddenly began following him.

Visibly distraught the elderly gentlemen attempted to walk away, however the strange man continued following him until the elderly gentleman stopped and warned the would be mugger that he was armed and had a license to carry a concealed weapon, hoping that announcement would discourage the menacing individual to back off.

However rather the being intimidated, the foolish would be mugger decided to put the elderly man to the test by pointing an unknown object at him, which prompted the old man to take a shooters position and quickly squeezed off a round, hitting the would be mugger in the neck, which prompted him to quickly retreat down the street.

Moments later authorities arrived and took the bleeding man into custody and rushed him to the hospital where he was treated for his wound.

In the police report the authorities noted that the senior citizen followed all the proper protocols when he was confronted, he first tried to walk away, however when he noticed he was still being followed, he stopped at a safe distance away and warned the approaching intruder he was armed, when that didn’t stop the intruder, the elderly gentlemen took aim and fired paying special attention to the “reactionary gap’ the time it would take to safely and effectively react.

Do you think this 91-year-old man would have been gravely injured if he had the right to carry a gun for his own protection stripped from him?

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