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Delbert Belton, nicknamed “Shorty” went off to war in the 1940’s, he along with countless others answered the call to defend freedom against a brutal enemy, and in so doing was injured at the Battle of Okinawa fighting for our freedom and to preserve our way of life for future generations.

That’s perhaps the sad irony, in that “Shorty” died at the hands of two young thugs who weren’t even a remote thought, when a young and strong Belton stormed the Pacific island of Okinawa in 1945 along with 287,000 troops of the U.S. Tenth Army against 130,000 soldiers of the Japanese Army.

By the 82-day campaign, America and their allies had suffered more than 65,000 casualties, including 14,000 dead.

The 89-year-old World War II veteran died after being attacked by two black teenagers outside of his lodge in Spokane, Washington.

Belton suffered head injuries. Authorities received a call about the assault and found the victim sitting in his car.

Reporters quoted witnesses saying that two black male suspects attacked Belton as he was entering the lodge to play pool. Teenagers Kenan Adams-Kinard and Demetrius Glenn have been found guilty in the murder.

Belton was 89-years old, what threat could he have possibly posed to these two young thugs, that they needed to beat this war hero to death?

He should have died of old age; he should have been honored as a hero.

Source: Conservative Post




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