There’s a valid reason why the legal age “on average” for operating an automobile is 17, drinking 21, voting 18, and for joining the military also 18, because society concluded decades ago that youngsters (under 16) are still within that adolescent period, a time of unique emotional confusion unmatched within the course of one’s lifetime. This pubescent stage where hormones are in constant conflict with our sexuality and all that it encompasses.

This brings us to this latest absurdity of an 8-year old child and “her” delusional parents, who’ve apparently abdicated their role as responsible individuals whose primary mission is to safeguarding the welfare of a minor for some bizarre understanding of “enlightenment.”

And just what is this “enlightenment?”

Their child was born a male, and as the story goes gravitated toward the “color pink and rainbow ponies.” He walked in his mother’s heels and asked for nail polish on his toes, and he would wrap himself in his grandmother’s scarf, draping it like a dress. In short, he would play “dress-up” as any child would.

Moreover when he was just 4-years old, he told his parents he wanted to be a girl, and apparently, his parent’s obliged him, even encouraging him by suggesting gender was simply a “spectrum, like hot and cold water.”

And thus within this odd environment for any child, “he” grew with the apparent approval and encouragement of both his mother and father that “he” was actually a “she.”

Now, this self-described” transgender 8-year-old “girl” and her parents are suing her former Orange County private school for allegedly preventing “her” from expressing her gender identity.

The lawsuit alleges that Nicole who now wants to be known as Nikki, be allowed to dress as a girl and use the female bathroom and go by “female pronouns.”

Nikki’s mother Priya Shah said the family thought long and hard before filing the lawsuit. “It honors our child's commitment to being who she is despite adversity,” she said in an email. “It is our small contribution toward ensuring that other transgender and gender expansive children do not go through the same hardship and trauma.”

From left to right: Priya Shah, Nikki, Nikki’s sister and Jaspret Brar. Image provided to LA Times by the Shah-Brar family

Obviously, the child has some deep-seated emotional issue’s which should be addressed immediately by her parent’s after she spoke of committing suicide.

Tell us in the comments below if you think an 8-year old child has the emotional understanding of what being a transgender truly is?

Source: Los Angeles Times

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