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It's a sad day when children on a field trip to the library find themselves in danger from a maniac. Luckily, there was someone present who took matters into his own hands.

James Vernon was visiting the Morton Public Library in Morton, Illinois, when a knife-wielding maniac burst through the doors threatening to kill the children in the room.

Vernon is a 75-year-old man, but he's also an armed forces veteran. It was skills he learned fighting for his country that enabled him to save the lives of the 16 other people in the library conference room.

The would-be-killer was Dustin Brown, a 19-year-old who was armed with several large knives.

"I tried to talk to him, I tried to settle him down," reported Vernon. Vernon tried to get Brown to open up about his life and distract him from his stated purpose to kill some people.

While he was stalling, Vernon noted that Brown would likely strike first with his right hand. When Brown did slash at him, Vernon was ready and blocked the blow with his left wrist. Though he was bleeding from a slashed artery and tendon, Vernon was able to successfully pin Brown until the police arrived at the scene.

Brown is now in custody and facing a massive bond charge of $800,000 in addition to charges of attempted murder and assault.

The 16 parents and children in the Morton Library conference room owe their lives to Vernon and his quick-thinking action.

Thank goodness that we allow our armed forces veterans to participate in and help watch over our communities. Without Vernon's quick action and selfless service, there would have been a terrible tragedy.

This isn't the first story in recent weeks of veterans stepping forward to sacrifice and lay their lives on the line for those around them. Thank you, veterans, for all you have done and all that you continue to do.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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