It was apparent from the outset that the issue for the Veterans Affairs facility in West Los Angeles wasn’t the posting of two tiny American Flags on their fence without permission, but rather the annoying presence of a feisty 75-year old military veteran who stuck his patriotic finger into the eye of the politically correct bureaucrats and the VA's ridiculous decree that "prohibits the posting of materials or “placards” on a VA property except when authorized by the head of the facility."

Robert Rosebrock was cited on Memorial Day 2016 for allegedly displaying two napkin-sized flags on a fence adjacent to the “Great Lawn Gate” entrance to the Veterans Park. However this wasn’t Rosebrock’s first outing at the park, in fact, he and his fellow veterans have been assembling and quietly protesting every Sunday and on Memorial Day, for the past 9-years, and hanging his tiny napkin-sized American flags.

So why the meltdown by the bureaucrats?

Perhaps it’s because Rosebrock was bringing public attention to the VA’s failure to make full use of their expensive and expansive property which doesn’t benefit the people they claim to care for, namely those veterans who are homeless and in need of temporary shelter.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Steve Kim found Rosebrock not guilty of the violation; the judge found no evidence showing Rosebrock lacked permission to post the flags or that Rosebrock had placed the flags in the first place.

Ted Hayes, a homeless activist, bedecked in an Uncle Sam costume joined about 2-dozen other observers within the courtroom in downtown Los Angeles. He along with veteran Gene Simes, the national chairman of a Rochester, New York-based veterans advocacy group, stood dressed in their dress blues at attention holding a traditional sized folded flag awaiting the judge's ruling, when it came, the group of veterans burst into applause.

When it was finally over Rosebrock outside the courtroom expressed his gratitude saying he was “honored that the flag was exonerated — and for once the veterans got a victory.”

No doubt next Sunday morning Rosebrock will be protesting and placing his napkin-sized flags back on the fence and reminding those bureaucrats hiding within the VA, to make their facility truly a place for veterans to rebuild their lives… Rosebrock, we salute you!


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Source: NBC

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