Saudi Arabia has long been a hot spot for strict and authoritarian punishments resulting from small violations of the country's harsh laws and rules. That strictness is now reaching a breaking point for a 74-year-old British man who was caught in the country possessing alcohol. He now faces the punishment of over 350 lashes.

Karl Andree is a grandfather and a British citizen and he has been living in a Saudi prison for over a year under the charges of possessing alcohol. According to sources, Andree was driving in his car with a homemade bottle of wine when he was pulled over by Saudi police. He was thrown in prison and is now being threatened with 360 lashes.

Andree's family are worried that he won't survive the lashes--he has fought back cancer 3 times and also suffers from asthma.

According to Andree's daughter, the Saudi government has waffled in their sentencing of Andree. Initially, she said the Saudis had promised that after her father served his 1-year sentence he would be released. Now, however, that's not a sure thing.

"He's got a great spirit but his bodily health is not great and I just feel like he received his sentence and he did his time and I just want him home now," said Andree's daughter.

To make the story even more heart-wrenching, Andree's wife is suffering from dementia. If he doesn't return to see her soon, who knows how the separation will affect his wife's memories of him.

According to Andree's daughter, the British government has reassured the family multiple times that it is working with Saudi Arabia to solve the issue, but the family can't have much hope because of Saudi Arabia's history of unforgiving prison sentences.

This is just the most recent example of how Saudi Arabia is trapped in the past. It's unthinkable to have this type of violence and totalitarian state in today's modern world.

h/t: BBC News

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