Last nights much-anticipated debate had all the drama of a WWE WrestleMania Event, in that although the storyline was well scripted and the outcome almost assured, it was the unintended consequences within a controlled violent environment that could very easily get out of hand, and change the outcome within that squared circle.

And last night it did, as Donald Trump reclaimed the momentum, and body slammed Hillary again and again. And by midway through the debate it was evident that Trump had out foxed the Clinton machine once again along with their surrogates the mainstream media, and not even the moderators who interfered with the debate, reminding us all for moment, the antics that takes place within a wrestling ring, as Trump lamented once again “3 on 1.”

Trump had entered the debate with the Republican political establishment in shambles and ready to bail out, because of crude comments caught on an open mic, he made more than a decade ago. These were for the most part the same political hacks that came slowly around in endorsing him and were now quickly willing to abandon him.

However Trump came to this debate, not to grovel, not to placate those in attendance, but to actually talk about the issues, however if need be he was more than willing to mix-it-up, to get down and dirty, and do a little slinging mud on his own, if need be, and he came prepared to do just that, by inviting as his guest, 4-of the woman who were sexually abused by former President Bill Clinton.

Which surprisingly stopped the spinmeisters in their tracks, and the 90-minute debate suddenly turned into a referendum on Hillary’s public service.

Moreover Trump took control of the debate stage walking around seemingly in control of his environment however the highlight of the evening were Trumps 7-bumper sticker comments, as illustrated below.

1. If he were president Hillary would be in prison.

2. Trump referenced Sanders, stating that he “signed on with the devil” when he endorsed her.

3. When Hillary referenced President Lincoln, Trump called her out saying she’s a liar while Lincoln was “honest Abe.”

4. After a brutal verbal attack by Trump about her missing emails, she did not respond which drew a comment from Trump, “because you have nothing to say.”

5. Trump quickly brought Bill Clinton into the mix, the moment the moderators attempted to once again reference the Trump audio, which seemed to anger ol' Bill.

6. When Hillary referenced the Khan family’s son killed in combat, Trump reminded the fact that their son would be alive today, if he were president

7. And perhaps the biggest surprise of the night, was Trump holding a news conference before the debate, with 4-of the woman who were sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton, to the debate location, and sitting within the convention hall.

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