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Every home in America should be equipped with a fire arm.

It should be your go-to source of a self-defense if the locks on your doors and windows fail, or some home-invader kicks one or the other in. Generally speaking, we don’t hear too much about robbers breaking in and leaving the occupants alone.

Thugs tend to beat, rape, and kill the people they come across in the home.

Remember the home invasion in Cheshire, Connecticut? Thugs broke in, brutalized the family, raped the wife, and daughters aged 17 and 11, and set them on fire. The father escaped to get help for his family.

A 65-year old woman, living alone in Queen City, Manchester, New Hampshire, was not about to fall victim to something so horrific.

As such, she took no chances and kept a firearm in her apartment. Twenty-three year old Michael Bontaites made the mistake of picking her apartment to rob.

“She looked and observed a white male with a dark hooded sweatshirt quickly approach her, run past her, and immediately block her path,” said Manchester Police Lieutenant Brian O’ Keefe. 

Clearly Bontaites had more on his mind that just a robbery, because, “The male then reached out and attempted to grab her.”

Boom! He was met with a bullet to the chest. Go granny!

That is how you deal with criminals looking to assault you.

h/t: American News


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