In those last dark days just before the collapse of the Roman Empire, the government attempted to distract its citizens by providing massive spectacles, and of course dividing its population along ethnic and religious lines, they created giant “sporting arenas” where men fought wild beasts and one another to the death…all to distract the people of Rome’s inevitable collapse. America today is on that same perilous course of it own eventual collapse.

This latest debauchery of allowing “anyone” access into whatever bathroom, dressing-room or locker-room, is simply governments attempt in destroying civility and basic human decency, and it’s continued quest for complete dominance and control of the people, and of course what better way then to manipulate and control one’s moral conduct.

The obvious push back from the states is almost a certainty, in whether this administration can continually and legally mandate to those states, what should be a state issue. Moreover, the fight for states rights seems to be just the beginning with North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri and of course Texas.

Governor Pat McCrory (R) of North Carolina declared the U.S. Justice Department is displaying “overreach” by warning legal action and withholding federal funds unless HB2, which limits bathroom/locker room use to the gender on an individual’s birth certificate, is scrapped.

And in the “Lone Star” state Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called it a "modern come-and-take-it issue" and "the biggest issue facing families, schools, in America since prayer was taken out of public schools." Patrick urged Texas superintendents to resist pressure from the federal government to follow the guidelines.


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