An Ohio man recently succumbed to injuries following a brutal attack that happened 11 months earlier. Pat Mahaney, 46, was ambushed by a group of six teens who pummeled him in the head and face, beating him unconscious and causing severe internal injuries. The teens, aged 13 and 14, left the man clinging to life.

Wondering why you didn’t hear about this story on the news or read about it in the paper? Pat Mahaney is white, while the six criminal teens are black. Liberal media doesn’t like to tell stories that involve white victims and black aggressors.

Just after the attack, Mahaney battled catastrophic injuries and became psychologically distraught and reclusive. His family said that the vicious attack, "took him over the edge". Meanwhile, two of the teens involved in beating Mahaney within an inch of his life received a slap on the wrist and probation. Three of the other teens pleaded guilty to assault (not attempted murder).

    Then the worst happened...

Now that the victim has died, surely there will be additional charges, right? Wrong. Prosecutors are deliberating about what "next steps, if any" will be taken.

The teenagers told police that they beat-up Mahaney because they were, "bored and looking for something to do." Apparently, beating up the first white man they saw that night was "something to do." While there is a clear intent to harm based on race in this case, Hate Crime charges have yet to be mentioned by the prosecutor’s office.

This seems to be the trending response to hate crimes perpetrated against white victims. White people can be shot and beaten because they are white, but they can’t be victims of a hate crime. Yet, white police officers can’t do their job or protect themselves from African-American suspects. Because, if they do – they are guilty of committing a hate crime.

In the words of Police Chief Gary Foust, after the attack on Pat Mahaney, "I find this whole thing appalling and despicable."

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