There is nothing more tragic to a parent then losing a child, except perhaps losing that child to willful and senseless violence. Laylah Peterson was only five years old when she was fatally shot by two men, while she was sitting on her grandfather’s lap on the couch when the two, (as of yet unidentified), men approached their Milwaukee home, and fired a total of twelve shots into the home, striking little Laylah in the head.

However you will not see or hear Barrack Obama or Al Sharpton reaching out to the parents of little Laylah or perhaps commemorating her short life, there will be no invitations to the White House or a word of comfort from Sharpton’s pulpit.

Because to acknowledge the tragic death of this child simply doesn’t fit into their narrative of racial injustice, because little Laylah was white, and thus the silence.

It is far more profitable to pay homage to the Michael Brown’s and continue the false narrative of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”, then to acknowledge the plight of African-Americans being gunned down by other African-Americans.

The two men that killed little Laylah were black and a motive has yet to be established, however one thing is clear the tragic death of any child regardless of color should sadden us all, this was a precious child taken violently.

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