Political correctness is a vice that is sweeping across the nation. Not only does it disrupt normal people's lives, but it also can affect the innocent lives of children.

Nowhere have the side-effects of political correctness been more visible than in Tampa Bay, Florida, where a 9-year-old boy was recently told that he could face sexual harassment charges for writing a love letter to a girl in his class.

The letter contained a heart with the words, "I like you. I like your eyes because they sparkle like diamonds."

What seemed like an innocent note to a school-crush, though, was taken much more seriously by the Hillsborough County School District. The principal called the boy's mother--the family's name is being protected to ensure privacy--and gave her a warning.

"The principal proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t appropriate,” said the boy's mother, "and if he writes another note they’re going to file sexual harassment charges on my nine-year-old."

The reason that the school is coming down so harshly on the incident is because of a provision in the school district's Student Code of Conduct which prohibits bothering another person using writing or verbiage which the other person doesn't want.

But an elementary school love note? Come on.

The school district has come out and said that it discourages passing notes for the very reasons that have brought this case to light, but it seems utterly ridiculous to assume that a rule against passing notes is designed to prevent harassment letters--or that this letter qualifies as harassment.

Ultimately the craziness of this situation falls on the parents of both children involved, the boy passing the note and the girl receiving the note. If the girl's parents are the ones who are threatening sexual harassment charges, shame on them. If you take away innocence from our children they will grow up cold and immune to the great intricacies and marvels of life.

Let the kids pass their notes and let us get back to worrying about things that actually matter in life.

h/t: ABC News Tampa

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