Not only is President Barack Obama determined not to admit that his administration's recent $400 million cash payment to Iran was a ransom sum, he also won't detail any more information about the deal--and that's a bad sign. The United States is digging itself into a hole in regards to the cash payment and it looks like the hole just keeps getting worse.

To begin with, not only did the U.S. hurt its image of never paying ransom, something which will negatively affect millions of Americans traveling abroad each year, but it also is throwing money into the dark.

As part of Obama's nuclear and hostage deal, the United States is paying Iran back $1.7 billion (plus interest) that it received from Iran for weapons decades ago. The U.S. never delivered the weapons but kept the money, something that Iran was rather irate about.

But the funds that the U.S. transferred over to Iran immediately disappeared and no one in the State Department seems to know what happened to it.

Mark Toner, a State Department spokesperson said that he didn't know who had received the remaining $1.3 billion.

"I believe it was Iranian officials, Iranian government officials, I don't know particularly who individually it was."

That gets problematic when considered alongside the fact that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, a government-sponsored group in Iran, could easily have obtained the funds and simply funneled them back into terrorist activities.

That means that, because of Obama's deal-making, the United States likely poured over a billion dollars back into the hands of terrorists and terrorist groups--all so that Obama could have another bullet on his presidential resume.

It's clearer than ever that the Iran deal was terrible (to borrow an expression). Not only was part of the money delivered used as ransom for our citizens, but the rest of the money simply disappeared into Iran, likely funding even more terrorist actions.

That, my friends, is a bad deal.

h/t: Washington Examiner

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