An arrogant Obama gave his farewell speech and it was heavy on just how great he's been for the nation. Unfortunately the reality tells a completely different story. He gave the speech in Chicago. A city torn apart by violence that is a direct result of Obama's support of Black Lives Matter and their war on police. While Obama's speech was literally full of bull here are 4 glaring points that Obama isn't giving the people the full story on.


Obama talked himself up about how millions more are insured under Obamacare but he failed to mention the outrageous cost. Obama said healthcare costs are “lowest rate in 50 years.” Daniel Horowitz broke down the reality of the cost being higher with Obamacare than if nothing had been.

The cost of covering an individual in the subpar Medicaid program was $3,247 per individual in 2011 before Obamacare was enacted. In 2015, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services, the cost of enrolling an individual in Medicaid doubled to $6,366 per individual. And that is only for the second year of implementation. The cycle of regulation, public funding, overutilization, and lack of ability to peg the cost to the service has created a circuitous death spiral of unaffordable costs and unsustainable subsidies.

Bloomberg pointed out another epic Obamacare fail that Obama wasn't too keen to talk about.

Harris is one of many people with Obamacare plans that feature high out-of-pocket costs that can put health services out of reach. That’s because the insurance coverage Harris and others like her have purchased is designed not to kick in until patients have spent thousands of dollars.

She’s not alone. While the Affordable Care Act has pushed the uninsured rate in the U.S. near a record low, a Commonwealth Fund study this year found that about four in 10 adults in ACA plans aren’t confident they could afford care if they got sick.


Obama can claim he “unleash[ed] the longest stretch of job creation in our history” and be correct but that isn't the full picture. Due to Obamacare there is a higher percentage of part time jobs

From Conservative Review:

Obama Touts This. Currently at 5 percent, the unemployment rate is at the lowest level since Obama became president. In addition, the president has “created” about 8.1 million net new jobs since 2009 – a little less than the 8.7 million that were lost during financial crisis in 2008 and 2009.

But Not This. Those rosy unemployment numbers fail to factor in millions of people only marginally attached to the workforce, or those who would like to work, but have quit looking for employment out of frustration at the lack of opportunities. When those workers are factored in, the real unemployment rate, otherwise known as the underemployment rate is now 9.9 percent – nearly twice the rate of the “official” metric.

Most importantly the share of the population who is part of the workforce has shrunk. The labor participation rate has fallen to 62.4%. The lowest rate since 1977.

“Climate Change”

Obama claimed a hug triumph for his climate change agenda. Obama has said he sees climate change as a bigger issue than Islamic terrorist threats. Jack Welch on CNBC broke down the real damage Obama's climate change policy has inflicted on America.

Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric, said Thursday the Obama administration's heavy focus on combating climate change is "radical behavior" that's holding back the economy.

A longtime GOP supporter, Welch told CNBC's "Squawk Box" the priority on preventing climate change spills over into "all kinds of policies throughout the different agencies."

The result, he said: "You get an economy that won't move. You get ozone regs that are wacky."

"You [also] get a reduced military," he added — saying the U.S. needs to rebuild its national defenses to combat the threat from the so-called Islamic State terrorist group. "You can't be sitting here with the real threat of a caliphate and ISIL ... and talking about climate change."

Obama has weakened the United States with his obsession with climate change.

National Security

Obama had the nerve to say that the nation has become more safe under his presidency. He said that no foreign terrorist organization had committed an act of terror in the United States. Of course Obama is in denial and using carefully chosen words as there have been numerous attacks by jihadi's inspired by ISIS or trained by extremist terror groups.

The list compiled by the Daily Wire reports on “the major, verifiable radical Islamic attacks over the last eight years.” The Daily Wire further explains that there have been other attacks in which jihad is suspected but not verified. The thirteen attacks highlighted include the Little Rock military recruiting station attack, the Fort Hood attack, the Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent firefight, a beheading in Moore Oklahoma, a Queens hatchet attack, the execution-style murders of two cops in Brooklyn, the Garland draw Mohammed attack, the Chattanooga recruiting station attack, the San Bernardino Christmas party attack, the Orlando night club attack, the St. Cloud mall attack, the New York/New Jersey bomber, and the Columbus Ohio State University attack.

Despite all of Obama's big talk the only thing inspiring about his final speech is just that. It's finally over!

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Source:National Review

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