Perhaps nothing demonstrates more profoundly ones core principles, than ones own words; “No nation large or small, wealthy or poor is immune, the stakes are too high and the menace of climate change is too great for us to be content with a minimalistic agreement.”  President Obama, November 30th.

Ironically that statement was uttered in the same city and within the same month that Parisians suffered the worst mass attack since WWII, killing over 130 innocent people and wounding more than 300 in a coordinated series of terrorist attacks, and in which Obama referenced those attacks as a “setback.”

And it’s within this delusional backdrop that 32 states are now rejecting Obama’s Syrian Refugee Plan. 

Recent developments show that terrorists are using this act of compassion and generosity by the United States as a way of infiltrating our Western Hemisphere to further their horrific, violent agenda.  They have already gained entry into Paris, Turkey and Puerto Rico.

The president, who urged Americans not to give in to fear of terrorism by blocking his plan to accept Syrian refugees, said he wanted to salute Parisians “for showing the world how to stay strong in the face of terrorism.”

However to those governors staying “strong in the face of terrorism” means acknowledging the enemy and defeating that enemy, not ignoring the enemy, or worst yet inviting the enemy through a reckless policy of allowing impossible to vet Syrian refugees onto the homeland.

Besides the obvious fact that terrorists are using this as a way to get into countries and bomb cities, we have had a depressed economy for several years. 

We do not have the means to support immigrants when we cannot support our own citizens.

Obama has proven time and again that he is “emotionally ill-equipped”, to handle the obvious and real threat of Islamic terrorism, so much so, that he even refuses to acknowledge the term “radical Islamic extremism.”

Simply stated; Obama is the wrong man, at the wrong time at this pivotal moment in America.


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