First up is 30-year-old Kiara, of Baltimore. She has been riding the welfare system for over 12 years now and is the mother of four children. Her casual attitude throughout the interview is very disturbing and that smart phone is likely better than what many working people could afford.

It's a short one, but there are still other things that will make you shake your head, like why she lost her government housing.

Now this one might be a little tougher to get through, but it sure is jam-packed with liberal nonsense and psychobabble. So if you are into that sort of thing, this one is for you. This "artist" in the pink hair goes on to tell you exactly why she doesn't want a job and is cool with being on welfare.

Listen to her say some whoppers like "Why work for money, why not just have fun and games" and "I don't care about putting food on the table". Good luck trying to watch the whole thing, it's rough.(Some strong language)

Lastly is Jason, the food stamp abusing surfer guy. This one may come off a little more light-hearted in tone, but that shouldn't take away from the issue at hand; relying on the government for basic survival.

Beach bum Jason is "Livin' the life", but the strangest twist to Jason's story is that he spends it mainly on gourmet food! Sushi, Lobster, whatever... there is no shame in his game, "Just another day in paradise" in Jason's world.


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