In an interview with Fox News correspondent Brett Baier, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, a retired Army officer and former chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), revealed another instance of Obama lying to Americans.

In terms of political gaffe’s, however, this one is not only embarrassing and troubling, it’s dangerous.

In May 2012, while busy rallying votes around the country for the November 2012 elections, Obama lied to Americans about the strength of al Qaeda’s terror network.

“We devastated al Qaeda’s leadership,” Obama stated. “The goal that I set -- to defeat al Qaeda and deny it a chance to rebuild -- is now within our reach.”

Firstly, can I point out that Obama’s statement that it was “his goal” to defeat al Qaeda, is supremely arrogant and ignores the cooperation between military branches and lawmakers that makes a war possible. The fact that Obama gave this speech in Afghanistan, at an Air Force base, highlights his arrogance.

But the second, and larger problem with Obama’s statement is that it’s a lie.

As Lt. Gen. Flynn revealed in his interview with Baier, in May of 2012 when Obama was giving his speech the information pointed the opposite direction. According to Flynn, he was aware of no information that would suggest to Obama that al Qaeda’s defeat was in reach. In fact, in the interview, the retired general said that he couldn’t say that al Qaeda’s defeat was in reach now, in 2015.

So for Obama to stand before Americans, and Americans in uniform no less, and state that because of his actions the defeat of the al Qaeda terrorist network was in reach is unforgivable.

The gaffe could have been understandable if Obama had received incorrect intelligence information from his staff and later recognized his misstep. It could also be understandable if Obama had come forward and admitted that he stretched the truth to make a point (though that’s a point that would stand on delicately thin ice).

However, for an intelligence officer to state that he doesn’t know where Obama is getting his information, that’s more than worrisome—it’s dangerous. For the Commander in Chief to be disseminating incorrect information about America’s enemies highlights again Obama’s inability to be honest with Americans.

Did Obama think he needed to show America that he was making progress in the war on terror? Was he afraid that the truth might make him appear weak?

Most likely.

It’s a shame that this truth has taken three years to surface, after Obama already won reelection on false laurels. But it doesn’t mean that it’s too late to bring him to task for his mistakes and prod Obama into being more honest in the future.

A video summary of Baier's interview can be found here.



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