Russia has always been one to push the envelope when it comes to antagonizing other countries.

Lately however Obama is making it too easy for the Russians, and they are taking advantage of such an easy target.

Their most recent attack is absolutely humiliating for Obama. The communist nation may have just outdone themselves with this one. It is by no means the first time that the Russians and their president, Vladimir Putin, have trashed Obama in a public forum.

It seems that many Russian merchants have begun marketing and selling the soon-to-be famous "Screwing Obama" panties.

For only $15 anyone can be the proud owner of a pair of women's underwear with Obama's face on the back and a hole where the mouth should be.

The hole is place on the rear of the underwear and is designed to be used during intercourse, giving the illusion that the man would be "Screwing Obama."

It's certainly not the only time they've humiliated Obama. Mad World News reported the 'lovely' message that the Russians left on a Syrian airbase for our spineless coward of a president.


The message reads "Obama Schmoe" and is written large enough to be read from outer-space, which really says something about what they think of our most respected president.

We all know much of a moron our imbecile of a president is. It's just refreshing to see that somebody shares this view.

Source: Mad World News


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