Recently, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee made a very bold accusation when he called out two of the most influential Republicans in the past few decades.

Although Huckabee has removed himself from the presidential race he has certainly not sat back and watched the rest unfold. Instead he has been extremely vocal, especially in advocating for Trump as the Republican nominee.

He even went so far as to publicly call out both Bush 43 and Bush 41 in a recent appearance on FOX News's 'America's Newsroom' for their refusal to support Donald Trump.

Huckabee said that former presidents need to either endorse Trump or renounce their membership of the Republican party.

Huckabee told host Bill Hemmer "When we nominated various people over the past several election cycles to be president, there were many of us who had heartburn, But we sucked it up and went out there and vigorously supported our nominee.”

Huckabee brings up a very valid point. The Republican elites need to be able to support their nominee if they want to be able to win the support of the entire nation.

"If they are not going to support the people the Republicans nominated, they need to get out of the Republican Party and admit they are not Republican or be honest and say I only want it when I get it my way.”

“They could simply say I will support the Republican nominee and that means I won’t say anything bad and I’ll just kind of stay out of it, That I get. But I think it’s problematic if they indicate they won’t even vote for the person the party nominates. That’s a problem." Huckabee went on to say when describing the two former presidents.

The most frightening thing that Huckabee brought up however was not the lack of solidarity amongst the Republican party but the fact that if both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. don't endorse Trump then they are essentially saying that they support Hillary.

“Anything that doesn’t help Trump helps Hillary,” Huckabee remarked in regards to their support.

Huckabee makes some very fair points about what is best for the Bushes to do not only for Trump but for the future of our nation, because even if you don't fully support Trump we all know how terrifying the alternative would be...

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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