Finally the legal circus that had been taking place in Arizona surround illegal aliens and law enforcement's right to find, arrest, deport them has been granted a dose of sanity.

Federal judges recently lifted a previous ban that stopped Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio from being able to conduct raids on places of employment that either knowingly or unknowingly had illegal aliens working for them.

Let's take a step back and realize how ridiculous this is in the first place. A group of political grievance mongers somehow managed to get a bill passed that stopped law enforcement form acting to find and deal with illegal aliens.

This same group of activist fought back against a law that made it a felony for illegals to use false identities in order to acquire work in the United States.

So not only were these wackos strongly fighting for a large illegal labor force they also wanted to make sure that widespread identity theft was 'OK' in the eyes of the law.

Luckily for us, a panel of judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted the injunction allowing Sheriff Joe Arpaio the ability to conduct raids and prosecute the illegals.

Thank God that some people in this country understand that stealing American jobs and even their identities is absolutley absurd and needs to be stopped today. Maybe the rest of the country will take note and finally get out of this liberal circus that our country is becoming.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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