Recently Vladimir Putin seems to be pushing the limits of just how far he can go to flex his military might.

There have been multiple confirmed reports of Russian jets flying dangerously close to American Navy ships, while at the same time our surveillance planes have captured Russian aircrafts doing barrel rolls around them.

Obviously this is just Putin seeing how far he can push the envelope before America responds, potentially with some much less playful acts.

However, to nobody's surprise Obama has remained completely silent on the matter and has not made any efforts to stop these potentially volatile and hostile acts carried out by the Russian military.

Naturally this issue came up in a recent by Wolf Blitzer for CNN, and he asked Trump just what Trump would do about these provocations were he in charge of our nation.

Trump's response was short sweet and hit the nail right on the head.

Trump referred to these acts of aggression from Russia as a clear sign of the "lack of respect" that Putin has for Obama and the United States. Furthermore, he said that he would calmly but firmly tell Putin "Don't do it again."

Some have criticized these words as being far too simple but then again they must not fully understand the severity of the situation. Trump in no way wants to go to war with Russia and as the interview continued Trump seemed to lighten the mood by continuing with "And I think we'll have a good relationship with him."

"We're off to a good start" he remarked almost chuckling as he mentioned a few kind compliments that Putin had said about Trump in the past.

Trump knows the real dangers that present themselves in this very complex issue and knows exactly how to handle them. On one hand he cannot let this very real "lack of respect" go unanswered but at the same time neither side wants to engage in all out war.

If Trump were to punch back at Putin like he said he would, especially with the full backing of the American military there is no doubt that Putin would stop this childish flexing of his military.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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