Veteran Justin Lane just returned home to Texas after a 200-pound IED went off next to the vehicle he was in causing him to lose both of his legs in the explosion.

After being honorably discharged from his final tour in Afghanistan, 27-year old Lane was looking to relax and recover in peace at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. He decided to order a pizza from the local Domino’s expecting nothing more than just a pizza, but what he received with his pizza moved everyone, including Lane.


While on the phone ordering, Lane was asked where they were to deliver the pizza to. “Brooke Army Medical Center,” Lane replied. This seemed to peak the Domino’s employee's curiosity and concern.

“You’re in the hospital? Why are you in the hospital?”

According to Mad World News “Her unusual curiosity struck the 27-year-old as “funny,” but he politely answered her questions anyway. Lane said that the worker seemed “shocked” when he told her about his legs, but he left it at that.

After Lane hung up he thought little of the unusual phone call and waited patiently for his pizza to arrive.

However, the Domino’s employee was touched by the brave soldier’s story and began to spread the story of amazing courage that Lane displayed, loosing both of his legs in service to our nation.

The story touched the rest of the employees as well and they all chipped in to not only pay for his meal but to throw in a free desert as well.

On top of that they all made a card and signed it thanking Lane for his service and bravery.


When Lane finally received the pizza and the 'extra' gift inside he was completely “floored.”

Lane later posted about the act of kindness on social media.

“Such a cool BLESSING, THANK YOU.”

This just goes to show how anyone can show their appreciation to our amazing troops and no matter how big or small the gesture it can go a long way towards letting the brave men and women that serve our country every day how much we respect and appreciate their service and sacrifice for our country.

Source: Mad World News


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