It's only a matter of time before the masses of Muslim refugees hit our borders as hard as they have in other European countries. When that time comes we should take a page from Switzerland's book on how to deal with a bunch of Muslim refugees making demands and trying to enact Sharia law on whatever country has been gracious enough to offer them safe harbor.

Unlike Obama and the rest of the whining liberals, that would have you believe that we must cater to every request, demand, or threat that some of these refugees have for us, Switzerland has taken a hard stance on how to deal with the huge inflow of refugees.

Their strategy seems to be the only one that makes sense in a sea of nonsensical solutions. They've taken a 'my way or the highway' attitude to the entire situation.

In a recent incident involving two male teens and their female teacher Switzerland showed exactly where they are willing to draw the line in the sand.

When two male teens who were in the process of immigrating and gaining citizenship refused to shake their female teacher's hand on the first day of school, solely because she was a woman, the Swiss government took swift action.

They immediately brought their immigration and citizen process to screeching halt.

Their families claimed that according to the tenants of Islam the boys are not allowed to make physical contact with anyone that is not a family member.

Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga had this to say: "Shaking hands is part of (Swiss) culture."

They were told to avoid similar contact with other non-family members and that they were not able to discriminate against gender.

As a result of this incident the families' citizenship process has been placed on hold.

THAT'S how you deal with refugees that refuse to assimilate. Either you conform to the laws of the country that you are let in or you get out!

Source: Yes I'm Right


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