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It's no surprise that Megyn Kelly is not a big fan of Donald Trump especially after that debate that she used to rip into him. However, these recent tweets confirm her true feelings towards Trump.

She tried to set a trap for these Trump supporters. Luckily these Trump fans were smarter than she was.

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Donald Trump and his supporters have taken the heat for the actions of liberal lunatics who have resorted to violence and created chaos at his rallies. While Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters are given a free pass to be disruptive and cause discord, the mainstream media points the finger of blame in Trump’s direction, even though there’s plenty of evidence that it’s not Trump fans causing the riots. Actually, it’s just the opposite — it’s his opposition causing trouble and there’s few who oppose Trump more than Megyn Kelly.

So, the following tweet from Megyn Kelly came as little surprise. However, the backlash that would follow was certainly unexpected.

Maybe now she'll think twice about coming after Trump supporters with such a ridiculous attack!



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