Recently during an interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference Maryland Sheriff Clarke Spoke to reporters to explain his views on Obama's presidency and what he has done for race relations as this country's first black president. He had 3 words that completely describe Obama's time in office.

In an interview on Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor, Maryland, Sheriff David Clarke gave a CNS News reporter his assessment of the performance of the first black President of the United States and what he did for race relations. Sheriff Clarke didn’t mince words, and many Americans share his sentiments as he used just 3 words to perfectly describe Obama’s presidency.

The reporter points out that Obama was supposedly going to fix race relations in America when he was elected, and how the country now seems more divided than ever. She asks if Sheriff Clarke believes that is the result of how he has “conducted his office.” That’s when Sheriff Clarke articulated what many have felt for quite some time.

Sheriff Clarke sees through the Obama smoke and mirrors and past the shovelfuls of hope and change. He says, “He did it on purpose, alright. He never had any intention of bringing people together. He had an opportunity to do that. I think a lot of people including me were hopeful that he would take the gains that we’ve made, because race relations will never be perfect, alright. But we’ve made great strides in bridging that divide and bridging that gap.”

He continues, “And he came along and deconstructed the bridge that existed there because that’s part of his shtick, alright, to strike up animosity. You know he’s the one that was behind the war on women, pitting men against women, the rich against the poor, the one percent, you know, now the race relations. That’s how he has attained political power.”

Clarke adds, “That’s the only thing that he knows how to do. It got him to where he’s at today and that’s why he continues on. It’s been a very destructive period of time for the country as a whole and I’ll be glad when we can finally turn the page on the Obama reign of terror, as I call it. And we can go back to start healing some of this divide between the classes, between the races, between the sexes, you know, and some of these other demographics.”

Source: Mad World News



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