Were you planning to send your kid off to camp this upcoming summer? Was it in any of the states identified in red in the map here? You might want to rethink your plans.

Unless, of course, you were planning to have your child go off and learn the art of the Jihad.

There are 23 Jihadi training camps in the United States. These are not super-secretive locations, and in fact our Islamofacist loving leadership, from the White House on down , to include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), let alone our media, appear to view these places as, how does Obama put it?...”Junior Varsity,” and they are doing absolutely nothing about it. Nada. Zip. But, trust they know what you ordered on Amazon last week.

They are anything but. You can train with Hezbollah in Maryland and New York, or maybe go hang with Obama’s homies, the Muslim Brotherhood, in Indiana and Detroit, MI. Or, how about going to the president’s home town Chicago, IL for a taste of Islamic Jihad.

Some of the states where these camps can be found are not really shocking, like California, Oregon, Washington, and New York. However, some really make you do a double take; Texas, for one!

The map of America is turning red and not in a good way. It is reflecting the sea of blood that Islamic Jihad has brought upon the world in its tidal ebb-and-flow of hatred for centuries.


If we do not stop this, the cancer that is Jihad will spread.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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