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Maybank (Malaysia) and Warba Bank (Kuwait) are financing the largest Sharia compliant deal in NYC history for developer Sharif El-Gamal. 

The proposed location for the structure is 2 blocks from the site of the World Trade Center disaster, the exact same location where El-Gamal attempted to build a mosque in 2010. Why El-Gamal continues to resurrect such traumatizing memories for Americans in the wake of 9/11 has yet to be answered.

It is possible, although apparently not to El-Gamal, to honor your native culture without thumbing your nose at the millions of people who were affected by radical islamic terrorism.

The insensitivity of El-Gamal's continued actions are such that he might as well be opening a chain of Chuck-E-Cheese's inside the heart of Vatican City.

The very fact that an entire $200 million skyscraper can force Sharia compliance upon its renters is asinine. Imagine, for a second, a landlord who enforced devout Christian principles upon his tenants. Every Sunday they would be mandated to attend church. Every night before bed they would be forced to pray. And Jews would be unable to rent property due to their non-compliance with Christian practices.

The outrage from the left over such a scenario would be so blinding it would block out the sun, and they would not be wrong for a change.

Forcing religious practices upon the people living or working in a $200 million building, especially in the absurdly competitive NYC housing market, is a discriminatory practice, and it should be banned.

If practitioners of Sharia law, for what ever reason, wish to continue their strict routines they should absolutely be allowed to due to the religious freedoms guaranteed in the first Amendment; however, when their religious freedom inhibit my own then they should no longer be allowed to continue those practices.

In other words: if you want to follow Sharia law go ahead, but no American should ever be forced to comply with those laws. Any building in NYC forcing Sharia compliance is amoral, possibly illegal, and should be viciously resisted by all Americans. Sometimes you have to fight for your God given freedoms.



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