Texas governor Greg Abbott told the CBS Sunday news show “Face the Nation” that the tide of illegal aliens entering the U.S. over the Mexican border is not slowing down. “We all saw what happened last summer, but we need to understand that the problem is not going away.”

Governor Abbott, whose state is the first line of defense against an unprecedented flow of illegal immigrants, said that already more than 20,000 people have entered his state from across the border since the first of the year, and without the help of federal border patrol agents, Texas troops will have to do the job.

Last summer, tens of thousands of children, many if not most unaccompanied, and adults crossed into the U.S. along the border from California to the southern states to take advantage of the benefits they have been told await them in the United States courtesy of President Obama.

Abbott said he has had to deploy additional resources to the border to handle the situation, including Department of Public Safety officers and Texas Rangers to do the job of the federal government – safeguard the border.

President Obama went around Congress and its authority to create immigration law by using his “pen and phone,” as he threatened, in trying to grant virtual amnesty to five million illegal immigrants by executive action. The Obama plan is to defer deportation and work permits and Social Security Numbers, instead. The illegals will even become eligible for benefits and tax refunds for money they never earned or paid into the system.

Abbott called on the president to keep his promise and send the illegals back to their country of origin, but in the meantime he noted that Texans are footing the bill for the border operation. More than 800,000 illegals are already living in the Lone Star state.

The House of Representatives tried to defund Obama’s “executive amnesty” program by deleting it from the budget for the Department of Homeland Security, but eventually the House was forced to give in to Senate Democrats who threatened to filibuster the entire budget bill.

Texas is one of 27 states that filed suit to stop Obama’s extra-Constitutional move on the grounds that it forces the states to bear the burden and expense of issuing drivers’ licenses, ID cards, work permits and other documents.

Obama’s scheme to make law on his own was dealt a blow last month when a federal judge in Texas ordered an injunction to prevent the Department of Homeland Security from implementing the president’s policy. The White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, immediately announced that the president will appeal the ruling.

Judge Hanen noted in his opinion, “Once these services are provided, there will be no effective way of putting the toothpaste back in the tube” if the states eventually win the lawsuit. The appeal will be heard by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.


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