Sheena Marie Young is a 28-year old drug addict baby momma who does not deserve to have children.

Not long ago (date unknown), this prize of a mother rolled her U-Haul into a Target parking lot in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This set off a chain of events that will, hopefully, forever change the life of her kids.

Ms. Young had been asked time and again not to come to the store. She had shoplifted before and was effectively banned.

Yet there she had parked and was “shopping” with her kid. Law enforcement was called and she was escorted out of the building and back to her U-Haul vehicle. During the questioning by police, the officers heard scratching noises coming from the cargo area of the truck.

Since Ms. Young would not inform them of what was making the noise, the cops opened up the cargo area and found two additional children, aged 4 and 8, near death.

They had been intentionally locked in the vehicle and left to roast while she drove around smoking weed on her way to steal from the Target. Who knows how long they had been left to cook to death.

The children are fortunate their “mom” decided to shoplift at the Target. Had she not made that choice, this story would have turned out very different. Let’s hope she rots in prison, or at the very least her kids are found a new home where they will be loved, valued, and safe.

Source: Mad World News


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