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After viewing this 13-plus minute video, my immediate reaction was for Donald Trump to invite these two talented young African American’s to the Republican National Convention, and speak on his behalf, and perhaps even repeat this entertaining monologue

While the video is indeed highly entertaining, it does speak to a wider and more serious issue of the great cultural and racial divides that now exists within America today.

However aside from being entertaining these two young men are articulate and well versed and knowledgeable of the issues, and actually play off one another within their point counterpoint monologue which is extremely factual within their discourse, and their humorous and good-natured criticism of progressives will no doubt infuriate the loony left, because it is factual and void of malice

One of them asks; ‘how can anyone in their right mind’ claim it’s wrong to call illegal immigrants a problem”?
The other than asks a provocative question; “Can you tell me why Trump is a raciest”?

The other looking directly into the camera offers the viewer a direct challenge stating: “Can anyone looking at this video, can you please give me some hard-core facts, anyone”?

The banter between these two continues, each asking of the other, one thought-provoking question after another.

“The Donald” would do well reaching out to these two talented individuals.


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