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Democrat presidential candidate and socialist extraordinaire, Bernie Sanders, doesn’t just fantasize about tying women up and raping them (Man—and Woman, 1972). 

He has visions of sticking his hands down your pants for an entirely different purpose. To rape you and then make you pay for the pleasure of his lust.

Sanders intends to raise taxes to the tune of an additional 47% as part of a $19.6-Trillion money grab.

He has to find a way to pay for free health care after all. He will do this by robbing the pockets of the economy’s employers and tapping them 6.2% for his one size fits all health care. That tax can be passed on to you.  

Then there will be the elimination of tax-free employer health plans, and a 2.2% tax on those expensively free individual health plans.

Returning to his premise of free health care for all, for a moment, where is the “free” part in all of this? Nowhere. This is what socialism is. It is never free.

It requires somebody’s money to make it work.

Of course, all those Sanders strategies aren’t enough, so he has his eye on other prizes. If you earn more than $250,000/year, you will pay 52% in income taxes, be labeled a 1-percenter and lose deductions.

“One-for-you-and more-for-me,” says Master Sanders. Capital gains will be raised. The Death Tax will become a Lazarus tax. There’s more!

Infrastructure will require a 0.4% increase in payroll tax, green energy will be paid for by taxing oil companies, and youth job corps funded by taxing those financial firms showing interest earnings on the books.

Feeling sick yet, Sanders supporters? Guaranteed Sanders has plans for you too.




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