In Morocco, a country that is 99.9 percent Muslim and clearly follows the brutal rules and practices of Sharia law, a 17-year-old girl was brutally gang raped by a group of 8 Muslim men. She would later learn that after having to endure her brutal attack the judge ended up letting her attackers go. Since it was clear that the justice system wasn't going to do its job she decided to take justice into her own hands.

When talking about a country governed by Sharia law we have to remember the type of outlandish punishments that are too often dealt out to the victims in situations like this and the insane reasoning and excuses given to let people off of the hook for their disgusting acts.

To bring up one perfect example, a couple is now facing up to six months in prison on top of massive fines for what they were caught doing during Ramadan. Now, this punishment might make it seem like they were engaging in public sexual behavior or robbed a corner store or something, but in fact they were just sharing a kiss in public, which is a very serious criminal offense with regards to breaking their Islamic fast with a public display of affection.

Even worse, is the case with this 17-year-old girl, who had nowhere else to turn besides the Moroccan Sharia court in Ben Guerir, hoping that they would deal out the justice that was necessary.

Much to her dismay, the council didn't feel that the men deserved their appropriate sentences and to really stick it to the innocent victim, they let the 8 men go on a minor bail.

As soon as these savages were released they came straight after the girl again. They threatened to upload a video of the brutal gang rape to social media. Completely distraught at the fact that her rapists were now loose on the streets and may even be publicly disgracing this girl on the internet, the girl felt that she was out of options.

She took a canister of flammable liquid and lit herself ablaze in the middle of a very public street in the center of the city, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Nearby onlookers quickly rushed to save the girl and put out the flames before taking her to the hospital. The girl's body was covered in such terrible burns that she ended up dying as a result of her injuries on Tuesday.

This death has sparked a wave of outrage, especially among humanitarians and women’s rights activists who are decrying the massive problems with this Islamic governance.

A member of a human rights organization in Marrakech, Omar Arbib, let reporters know that the rapists were very open about the fact that they had made a video of the gang rape and planned on posting it to social media.

Authorities are familiar with these men, as 7 of them are confirmed drug traffickers and the 8th was caught 2 months after the others for abusing a young boy.

The girl probably felt fear for her life and safety as well as fear that the men would upload the gruesome video footage of the rape. This couple with the shame that she must have felt for no longer being a virgin in a Muslim society very likely pushed her to take her own life.

The issue of women being abused in these Islamic governed country is way deeper than a couple of instances here and there. It is almost common practice for muslim women who have been raped to be forced into marrying their attackers. This seems to be a sort of loophole for these Muslim rapists and then forces their victims, many of whom are minors, to spend the rest of their lives with them. This is truly sick and is one of the many things that is wrong with Sharia law.

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Source: Mad World News

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