In an effort to stop President Obama from enacting a unilateral immigration policy, 17 states have joined a lawsuit against the Obama administration. The suit, filed Wednesday, in the U.S. District Court in Texas names top immigration enforcement officials as defendants.

Headed by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican and Texas governor-elect, the lawsuit is seeking a ruling that declares the President’s executive action illegal. When the suit was filed, Abbott echoed what many Americans believe, that the immigration system needs to be fixed by Congress and not by "presidential fiat".

President Obama’s immigration plan would essentially grant amnesty to nearly 5 million illegal immigrants and save them from deportation. It's the same plan that Americans voted against in the last mid-term election when they ousted sitting Democrats. Americans were loud and clear about their disapproval of Obama-style immigration reform. Congress was also loud and clear when they refused to pass the President's plan. Why? Because it ignores what America really needs: better border security and better law enforcement. When President Obama didn't get his way, he declared executive power and decreed his plan the new law of the land.

Republicans have urged the President to consider the negative ramifications of his relaxed immigration policy. Republican Michael McCaul warns that the President’s irresponsibility will lead to a wave of illegal immigration.

But, unlike the President, Republicans are seeking a legal resolution to this problem. Republicans are vowing to uphold the will of the people and the Constitution.

The lawsuit filed argues that President Obama has violated the constitutional limits of Presidential power. The Constitution states in Article 2, Section 3 that the president "shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed". Using executive power to circumvent the law-makers in congress is not faithful execution. The Constitutional Convention specifically rejected this kind of dictator-style leadership and stated that the President could not institute laws all by himself.

Along with Texas, 16 other states have joined the lawsuit, including Alabama, Idaho, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Utah. But, if the courts won’t step in to stop the President’s illegal order, some Republicans are preparing to fight the upcoming budget. A new spending bill is required by December 11 to prevent a government shutdown and to keep government running until September 2015. It will need Republican support to pass. Republicans don’t want another shutdown, they simply want the President to obey the law.

In making up new laws as he sees fit, President Obama is not only shirking his responsibilities to protect and uphold the Constitution, but he is willfully ignoring American voters. He’s rendering Congress, and the voice of the people, powerless. President Obama is extending rights and privileges to illegal immigrants, through illegal means, at the expense of democracy and the rights of the American people.


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