One would imagine that most Americans (myself included), are totally confused and perplexed as to why “Shariah Law” or for that matter “any foreign law” would be “constitutionally legal”, in this or within any civil society, that have fundamental humanitarian issues with a society that engages in human rights violations.

Moreover our laws have been derived from a “Judeo/Christian” precept, and as such written within our founding documents, and cannot be altered and simply changed to suit the whim of whatever loon lurks to undermine our country without a “Constitutional Amendment.”

In short “Shariah Law” is fundamentally incompatible with American’s basic principles of individual rights, however even if this barbaric doctrine were compatible, it still would simply be “unconstitutional!”

Nevertheless individual states knowing full well of Obama’s propensity for lawlessness, have decided to “legislatively” ban any kind of Islamic Law…PERIOD!

Those states that have signed legislation are: Alabama (two bills), Arkansas, Florida (two bills), Indiana (two bills), Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi (four bills), Missouri, (two bills), North Carolina, Oklahoma (seven bills), South Carolina (two bills), Texas (six bills), Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming (two bills).

Of course front groups for radical extremism like CAIR, attempt to spin a different narrative suggesting that this type of legislation is “virulently racist” and “outright hostility towards Muslims.”

However the real danger for America is apathy, in that people need to be vigilant and hold their elected officials accountable, and a prime example of that was in Florida where a judge allowed “Muslim Law” to supersede American Law over funding of a Mosque.

h/t: Conservative Post



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