Despite one of the worst hurricanes in the past 60 years bearing down on the Caribbean, presidential candidates throwing accusations back and forth on a daily basis, as well as terror attacks and race riots in American cities… there is good news.

Sixteen ISIS fighters, including several senior leaders, were killed when a suicide vest detonated during a secret meeting near Kirkuk, Iraq.

And as if that weren’t enough of a reason to celebrate, ten women in an all-female ISIS group were arrested in Morocco.

The hapless terrorists were meeting in a village southwest to plan an attack on Iraqi security forces in Kirkuk, the site of heavy fighting during the Iraq war and the present focus of the struggle between the Kurds and the government in Baghdad.

And readers thought there wasn’t any good news!

Apparently, the jihadists were even more inept than Ahmad Rahami, the Afghan-born terrorist responsible for the bombings in New York and New Jersey during the September 17-19 weekend, whose homemade pipe bombs and pressure cooker explosives didn’t kill any Americans and, despite injuring 30, failed to cause panic or terror on a Saturday night in Manhattan.

Other ISIS cells have accidentally committed suicide prematurely. In March, a dozen jihadists blew themselves up in Afghanistan as they were trying to plant a bomb.

The women in the female cell in Morocco had pledged allegiance to ISIS and had planned to launch a coordinated bombing campaign throughout Morocco by “obtaining the chemicals used to make explosive belts to attack vital installations,” according to the interior minister of Morocco.

The cell, which had recruited women from all over the country, including Tangiers, a popular tourist destination, and the capital of Rabat, had close relationships with several Moroccan terrorists also affiliated with Daesh based on the Syrian-Iraqi border.”

The good news is that around three-dozen jihadists have been taken off the battlefield for good.

The bad news, of course, is that there is no real plan in Washington for getting the rest of them before some of them succeed in killing more innocents in America.

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