President Obama has gone out his way to show his respect and appreciation for the American people.

Well, that is not entirely true, as he has done this with only a select few, each of which is part of his little circle of friends.  The list is long, and more can be found via the link provided, but here are 15 for your reading pleasure.

  1. "Nominated a communist who said 9-11 was an inside job."
  2. "Hired a Communications Director who admires a mass murderer.
  3. "Nominated someone to be Secretary of the Treasury who had participated in “the biggest tax scam on record.”
  4. "Obama’s nominee to head the IRS has “little tax experience.”
  5. "Allowed his friend Al Sharpton to avoid being prosecuted for long term non-payment of millions of dollars of taxes."
  6. "Illegally pressured banks to stop doing business with gun sellers."
  7. "Defended a Muslim airline that illegally bans Israeli Jews from flights that originate in the U.S."
  8. "Nominated someone for attorney general who had illegally used secret sentencing procedures to reward criminals for their cooperation."
  9. "Gave $20 million loan to an Obama donor and “very good friend” of Joe Biden to open a Porsche dealership in Ukraine."
  10. "A judge who was nominated by Obama confused the Declaration of Independence with the U.S. Constitution in one of her rulings
  11. "After Palestinian terrorists murdered four Jews at a synagogue in Jerusalem, Obama said, “too many Palestinians have died.”
  12. "Obama’s so-called “independent” investigator of the Solyndra scandal donated $52,500 to Obama’s campaign."
  13. "Tried to keep White House emails secret during the Breitbart-Sherrod libel lawsuit."
  14. "Allowed anti-gay Muslim preacher who wants homosexuals to be executed into the U.S. to spread his message to mosques in 17 U.S. cities."
  15. "Gave $20 million loan to an Obama donor and “very good friend” of Joe Biden to open a Porsche dealership in Ukraine."

The list could, and does, go on and on and on, sadly.  So what do we have here? We have Van Jones, the commie.  Mao Tse Tung hero-worshipper (White House Communication Direct Anita Dunn). Jack Lew and "we-can't-find-the-emails" John Koskinen. The violation of our First and Second Amendments at a minimum, as well as oppression via manipulation of the Commerce Clause of our Constitution. Hell, we even have a judge who can't tell the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We have Loretta Lynch and her secret smoke and mirrors behind closed doors sentencing. Looks like crony capitalism in the form of greasing the skids of a Biden buddy operating a business overseas. Of course, to round out the summary we have everybody's favorite comic-relief; climate control conspiracy theorist, tax evader, race baiter, and panderer, the Reverend Al Sharpton.  Visit the link to read more!


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