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Having 14,000 illegal immigrants suddenly vanish without a trace, would make even legendary illusionist David Copperfield envious! However this vanishing act didn't take place on stage at the famous MGM Grand in  Vegas, but rather in Sweden.

And this illusion  isn't a trick at all, but perhaps a common sense immigration policy by Sweden’s Migration Agency who just issued deportation orders to 21,748 illegal immigrants, and “puff” 14,000 suddenly vanish!

“We simply don’t know where they are,” said Patrik Engström, the head of the national border police.

It is unknown how many of the missing are still in the country or how may have left for elsewhere in Europe.

However one thing is certain, in that no country can afford the risk of having illegal immigrants without proper identification, the carnage that took place in Paris should be a warning to every nation that the threat of Islamic terrorism is real.

The Swedish government has previously announced it wants to step up efforts to ensure that people without the legal right to stay in Sweden exit the country.

But police say most of its resources are currently devoted to carrying out ID checks after Sweden stepped up border controls.

“It’s a huge task and it is completely dependent on the police being allocated resources,” said Engström.

Source: Gateway Pundit


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