Once again the long arm of King Obama has stepped over the line and gone way beyond their statutory limits with the new regulations that Obama's Environmental Protection Agency just issued to states. Now 14 states are joining up and fighting back against the oppressive legislation that Obama is trying to impose on them by suing the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Washington Examiner reports that a group of 14 states are being led by West Virginia in the fight back against the Environmental Protection Agency. The states are filing a lawsuit with the D.C. Court of Appeals. The lawsuit requests that federal judges examine the recent rules put in place by the EPA that govern the methane emission levels emitted from modified, reconstructed or new oil and gas wells used in fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing.

The states claim that these new regulations are "unnecessary and burdensome" to the oil and power industry in these states. Perhaps the bigger concern is the fact that these regulations are "setting the stage for further limits on existing oil and gas operations before President Obama leaves office."

Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey exclaimed, "This is yet another example of unlawful federal overreach jeopardizing West Virginia jobs and working families."

"The rules are a solution in search of a problem and ignore the industry’s success in voluntarily reducing methane emissions from these sources to a 30-year low," continued Morrisey.

If this lawsuit is not successful and the EPA is able to pass all these new regulations it will cause in increase in the cost of fuel used by power plants, that in turn "would raise production and distribution costs and, in turn, force an increase in consumer utility bills."

"The EPA itself predicts its regulations will cost $530 million in 2025, while other studies project the annual price tag may hit $800 million," the suit reads.

West Virginia is one of the nations leading producers of natural gas from shale in addition to their major coal production which has come under heavy fire from Obama during his time in office.

Morrisey is also very concerned with the jobs that would be at risk due to this new regulation. "The natural gas, pipeline and construction sectors provide thousands of jobs to hard-working West Virginians. Imposing unnecessary and costly regulations will jeopardize those jobs," commented Morrisey's office in a recent statement.

West Virginia is not alone in their outrage at the unfair regulations being implemented. Patrick Morrissey has been joined in the fight by energy/environmental representatives and attorney generals from 13 other states including Ohio, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, and Louisiana.

In the past we have seen the courts come down hard on the EPA and put them in their place for their many policies that go way past their jurisdiction. We can hope to see this happen again in this new iteration of the EPA's anti-job and power regulations.

Otherwise it we may look very grim for the thousands of Americans working in the oil and gas/energy sectors of these states as well as every consumer in these states that has an energy bill.

It's time that we stand up and fight Obama's constant attempt to take away our jobs and control our states' independence. He thinks he can just waltz right in and change whatever he wants, well we'll see about that.

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Let's take a stand and say enough is enough!

Source: Conservative Tribune



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