While the floods in Louisiana have ravaged cities and devastated the lives of thousands of Louisiana residents, many of whom are black, Obama and the rest of his Black Lives Matter hooligans continue to offer no assistance or aid to those in need.

Trump has made sure to show America that he cares about all lives and has come down to offer his help and support while our nation's president is preoccupied playing golf in Martha's Vineyard.

What is really sickening is the fact that instead of even offering help to these people in need the Black Lives Matter group has instead decided to commit this sickening act in the chaos while people suffer and die all around them.

Thousands have lost their homes and all of their belongings in the disastrous floods plaguing Louisiana. Many have been much more unfortunate than that and have lost their lives as well.

While Black Lives Matter continue to preach how much black lives mean o them 14 of their finest have decided to prove just how much black lives mean to these people by showing their support in a very disgusting way.

While cops and the national guard have been busy offering their help to the victims in need these 14 Black Lives Matter thugs saw an opportunity, not to help those that they say that they stand for, but rather to commit more crimes and demand that there be no consequences.

This group of low-lives decided to raid some of the stores that were vacant because the owners were forced to evacuate, running for their lives and leaving everything that they had behind.

It wasn't enough to just take everything that one store owner owned, these pieces of trash made sure to hit as many stores as they could.

WAFB reports that men in their mid 20's and 30's were caught robbing cigars and alcohol from Brother's Food Mart. Half of the gang went to the food mart for booze while the other half made sure to over $750 worth of merchandise from a nearby Dollar General.

If this wasn't bad enough the looting that these thugs committed caused officers to stop helping the flood victims in order to track down and catch these pieces of dirt.

Many have now been charged with looting, burglary, and unauthorized entry during emergency or disaster, while two others have been charged with possession of marijuana.

Now we're sure to be hearing about how these cops are just another few in a long line of 'racist' cops coming after black people unjustly.

This only proves what truly motivates the Black Lives Matter movement, it's not equality or the well-being of the black community, it's only hatred, chaos and violence.

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Source: Mad World News

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