We stick terrorists in prison at Guantanamo Bay where we feed, shelter, and clothe them. We exchange terrorists for traitors.

We don’t call terrorism in the homeland what it is. We even get them lawyers and allow them to be privy to our judicial system. It’s disgusting.

Guess what they do with terrorists in China?

They execute the terrorist whack-jobs, wash their hands of the whole business, and use the situation as a warning to would-be terrorists in their country; do not come here and commit acts of terrorism or you will be killed.

China may be a lot of things that we Americans don’t like, particularly on the human rights front.

However, in this situation they are spot on. Terrorists have no human rights. They checked those at the door the minute they put on the Jihadi-mask.

The United States, meaning Obama, needs to take note and start sending the freaks to meet their virgins and their god in their 7th-century dirt and rock cave-kingdom in the sky, and quit kowtowing to terrorism like a whipped dog.

He needs to start upholding his oath to the office of the presidency and put American security at the top of his list of priorities.

If that means executing terrorists, fine, kill them.

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