Although the numbers of drug abuses among welfare recipients may not be significant the fact that government benefits are derived from working tax payers who have most likely gone through a drug screening process as a condition of their own employment, seems to negate any idea of discrimination among those that suggest testing welfare applicants is somehow unfair.

And while there is a policy difference between the Feds and state governments, Republican lawmakers in nearly every state have proposed drug tests for recipients of government benefits as a condition for receiving state benefits, however states are not permitted to make drug testing a condition for not receiving unemployment   benefits or food stamps which are federal programs.

To date there are currently 12-states that have enacted some form of drug testing policy, carefully crafting legislation to conform to federal guidelines while at the same time assuring constitutional privacy concerns for the recipient.

For example in Tennessee the state asks all applicants to answer a simple questionnaire about drug use, and those that disclose drug use in the past are then tested, thus reducing a legal challenge from the ACLU.

The goal however of any welfare program is to get able bodied individuals off of the merry-go-round of public assistance, and while those on the left decry drug testing as a waste of time as a means of  reducing abuse and fraud by sighting the small number of actual drug abuses through drug screenings.

However, there seems to be something else going on when it comes to drug screening that the left would like us all to ignore, in that Florida one of the 12-states actually reduced the number of Welfare recipients applying for assistance by almost 48%. Suggesting that the low numbers of drug use within the screening process may in actuality prevent drug users from applying for welfare assistance in the first place. So whether the drug screen actually screens a drug user or prevents a drug user from applying for Welfare assistance, the end results is the same.

Those states that have actually taken a stand against both Welfare abuse and fraud through common sense legislation and to hopefully rein in this over $1 trillion a year boondoggle are; Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah. And in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is ready to become lucky number 13, and has already begun drafting legislation, which hasn’t yet been introduced however soon will be.




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