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When a strange vehicle drove up this 11-year-old girls home in Michigan, they probably didn't think this would be day a child ended their crime spree, but that's exactly what happened.

When the girl, who is an unnamed minor, witnessed the strange car enter the driveway, she noticed two people get out and begin knocking on all of the homes points of entry. Once the duo began to force their way inside, the girl went and grabbed her OWN SHOTGUN and hid in her bedroom closet.

Moments after the burglars went inside, one of them began to check the bedrooms, that's when he opened the door to the closet where the young girl was hiding and was greeted with a face full of muzzle. Without hesitation, the criminal ran from the house with the accomplice, wanting no part of the young girl and her readied weapon.


The two bozo's were later captured and charged, James Wasson, 53, is now charged with first-degree home invasion, second-degree home invasion, possession of a burglary tool, receiving and concealing stolen property and felon in possession of a firearm and firearm used in commission of a felony. His accomplice, Rhonda Steward, 31, is also charged with first-degree home invasion, second-degree home invasion and possession of a burglary tool. Their bonds are set at $200,000 and $100,000, let's hope they don't get a dime towards it.




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