An 11-year-old St. Louis, Missouri boy who was home babysitting his 4-year-old sister shot and killed one of two intruders who were trying to break into the home while the children were home alone.

Police haven't been forthcoming with many details regarding the situation, likely because both the 11-year-old and the 16-year-old suspect who he shot are both minors, but they have laid out some basic details regarding what happened.

According to police reports, the boy and his sister were home at about 2:30 p.m. when two suspects tried twice to break into the home. On the second attempt one of the suspects managed to get in through the front door and that is when he was shot and killed by the boy protecting his sister. The other would-be-robber ran off at the sound of gunshots but police now have him in custody.

Though there are a lot of questions being floated around by police investigators, by the public, and by the media, perhaps the most jarring question should be why did this have to happen?

What kind of a sick world do we live in where an 11-year-old has access to a handgun--probably because his mother told him to use it in case something happened--and where that boy feels the need to shoot an intruder to protect his sister?

While it is right to question why the child had access to the gun in the first place, and why a phone call to the police wasn't made instead of taking the law into his own hands, it is also nearly impossible to judge the boy for his actions. The intruders had tried before to enter the home. Obviously the boy feared for both his and his sister's safety. He had access to a firearm and when the older boy unlawfully entered the home he opened fire.

We need to change this situation, however. A country in which an 11-year-old boy is fearful for his safety when sitting in his own home is not the America we need to work to have.

h/t: Fox2 News

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