Well folks, it is no longer a matter of potential radical Islamists on their way to America. They are here. This past month alone saw 1,037 Syrian asylum seekers. President Barack “No Litmus Test for Religion” Obama allowed in 2 Christians. That’s right, just 2 out of 1,037.

That is less than 1%. It is 0.19% to be exact. Since the begining of the year, there has been a resettlement, to parts unknown in America, of 2,099 refugees. Out of that number, Christians still make up less than 1%, coming in at 0.28%.

Obama promised he would be doing this, and your state (if they are nut suing the government) is also going along with this. Meaning it is not just the federal government who does not have America’s interests at heart. It is also your blind-eye state and local governments.

Returning to the counts, if we go back to when the Syrian civil war started, or became front-and-center in the news, there has been a total of 4,646 imported refugees. Of that, Christian counts have managed to eek above the 1-percent mark and hit a plentiful 1.3%. A whopping 60 are Christians, while 95.1% (4,422) are Sunni Muslims.

That leaves 163 who have somehow managed to stay alive in the Middle East practicing other forms of Islam, are Zoroastrians, Jehovah’s Witness, Yazidis and “others.” As for the Christians fleeing Syria, the United Nations has pointed out that they avoid refugee camps out of fear for their lives as it “might bring retribution from other refugees.”

Why we are admitting Muslim men from their home country, while it is in a state of war, is baffling. Bringing in well-vetted (wink-wink) women and children would be one thing.

Bringing in able-bodied men is another. They need to be in Syria fighting for their own country, and not being slime-ball moochers letting the rest of the world do it for them.

Source: CNS News


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